Piracy Will NEVER Cease To Exist

by Nitin M

Those who know me on a professional level know well that I will never shy away from a discussion on software piracy, especially video game piracy.

My friends on MEGAMERS may remember my little monologue some time back when Hitesh posted about the prices of video games versus home video.

So, without much further ado, I have to comment on Abdulla Fadhel’s recent post on MEGAMERS.

I take issue with a few statements in the post:

“There are a lot of arguments for and against piracy but neither side seems to be winning over the other.” – I honestly cannot see any justifiable argument in favour of piracy. It is plain and simply theft and no argument about price or availability justifies stealing.

“Developers and Publishers treat Piracy as this arch enemy that needs to be taken down. But the reality is, whatever they do Piracy will NEVER cease to exist.” – Piracy is the enemy. It is organized crime and should be treated as such. I do agree that piracy will never cease to exist. There will always be someone somewhere who does not want to pay for something.

“Rather than putting up crazy DRM and other restrictions on their products which people actually buy FROM THEM, they need to reward a customer for buying their game and supporting them.” – Rewarding them? I thought the reward for spending the money was playing the game. What more do you want? Thats like saying “I wanna watch the movie and then for buying the movie ticket, the producer should fly me to Hollywood to meet and have lunch with the cast as a reward for not stealing the money that he and his colleagues should be getting for making the movie.” WT?

“No one in their right mind would buy a title that is sold for DOUBLE the actual amount.” – WRONG! There are people willing to buy things at extraordinarily high prices. That’s why shops like that exist and do business. I am dead sure that more iPhones and iPads were sold by the parallel importers at stupidly high prices than the official distributor because when people want something bad they will get it.

“I want to show my support as much as possible to stop awful things like that from ruining the industry.” – Thanks, Abdulla! But while buying an original product is definitely supporting the industry, don’t you think you’re also doing something ethical or is that unimportant?