A new Kinect-ion for video game lovers

by Nitin M

Kinect for Xbox 360

When Nintendo launched the Wii in late 2006, it took the gaming world by storm.

While rivals Sony and Microsoft decided to battle it out in the high definition space, targeting core gamers with action, sports and racing games, the historically innovative Nintendo launched a console with a motion sensing technology and some relatively simple games that almost anyone could pick up and play.

The result was that it opened the world of gaming to a whole new demographic.

While gaming has always seen as something the youth engaged in, the Wii brought out the closet gamers among adults and seniors making gaming a more family friendly pastime, with parents, grandparents and siblings joining in on the fun with fairly simple renditions of real world activities such as tennis, bowling and much loved franchises from Nintendo’s own stable, such as Mario and Zelda.

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