Coming Zune?

by Nitin M

Well, it is about time.

The technology world was wondering when Microsoft would announce it’s entry into the digital music realm.

The Redmond based giant has just announced its digital music project called Zune. Its primarily being touted as a music and entertainment experience, but going by Microsoft’s commitment to the entertainment industry, it would not be surprising if the Zune had some gaming capabilities built in.

Should Apple be worried? Not at this stage. Not since they have sold gazillions of iPods around the world. But then going by their work on the Xbox, Microsoft have never been worried about winning the war first time round.

But Microsoft getting into the game is enough reason Apple to come out with something new. Perhaps the posting of a job on gaming industry site Gamasutra is a sign pointing to Apple’s interest in entering the gaming space. Add fuel to the fire are the news reports of nVidia chips making it into the next generation of video iPods. Also supporting the argument is the fact that Apple is investing in gaming development talent.

Perhaps the strongest sign that this is the way things are going forward is the fact that industry analysts American Technology Research have upgraded their Apple stock recommendations from “hold” to “buy”.

Looks like everybody wants to get into the game…