Will Wii Rock You?

by Nitin M

Nintendo, the oldest surviving gaming company on the planet, has announced the final name for its next generation of video game console. The Revolution, as it was known till yesterday, is has now been officially christened Wii (pronounced as We).

Apart from the creative use of the alphabet, I can already see a lot of creative use of the name in its marketing campaigns.

Nintendo itself, having been mostly written off in the console hardware space because of its less than spectacular performance against the PlayStation 2 and the Xbox, sounds upbeat in its mesage on the Revolution website.

Jokes of the different connotations of the word Wii apart, the house of Mario has been making news headlines over the last year, especially with their announcement of different type of console controller which looks and behaves more like a TV’s remote control.

While most people are looking closely at the war between the upcoming PlayStation 3 and the recently launched Xbox 360, it would be unwise to count Nintendo out of the game.

The Wii has quite a bit up it’s sleeve including the Virtual Console which will be the Wii’s answer to backward compatibility but extending all the way back to the NES, SNES and Nintendo 64 families.

Will we see Wii at E3?