by Nitin M

Command & Conquer, one of the biggest franchises in the computer gaming world, is coming back with Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars.

The C & C series is considered one of the best in the real-time strategy genre of gaming. Starting with the original Command & Conquer through Red Alert, Tiberian Sun, Red Alert 2, Generals and all the expansion packs that were spawned, C&C has held its head up high and can be proud to be acclaimed as one of the most fun products to come out of a game design studio.

Starting in 1995, the venerable series’ gameography follows the following path:
Command & Conquer (August 1995)
Command & Conqure: The Covert Operations (April 1996)
Command & Conquer Red Alert (October 1996)
Command & Conquer Red Alert: Counterstrike (March 1997)
Command & Conquer Red Alert: The Aftermath (September 1997)
Command & Conquer: Sole Survivor (November 1997)
Command & Conquer Red Alert: Retaliation (August 1998)
Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun (August 1999)
Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun Firestorm (March 2000)
Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 (October 2000)
Command & Conquer Yuri’s Revenge (October 2001)
Command & Conquer Renegade (February 2002)
Command & Conquer Generals (February 2003)
Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour (September 2003)

The above list does not include ports to the Nintendo 64, Sega Saturn and Sony PlayStation.

The only title to deviate from the RTS genre in the series was Renegade which took advantage of one of the best loved characters in the series, the GDI Commando, and cast him into a first person world in Westwood Studios’ home grown game engine. Renegade was not quite the success that EA hoped it would be and there seems to be no signs of it being revived.

It is probably a good thing that the C&C series stays close to its roots in the real-time strategy genre. Red Alert and Red Alert 2 are considered to be the best games in the entire series and even today people play the game and swear by it.

Command & Conquer was created by Brett Sperry and Louis Castle’s Westwood Studios, now defunct having been acquired and absorbed by Electronic Arts corporation in 1998.

Back to the story at hand, for those who are not familiar with the C&C story, the plots are set in the future where the world is divided into two alliances known as the Global Defense Initiative and the Brotherhood of Nod.

A good way to get acquainted with the series and the story is to pick up the recently released Command & Conquer: The First Decade – a compilation of all the main C&C titles.